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Starting a new business venture is a journey of both ambition and introspection. 

That’s why this quiz is such a critical first step. It’s a self-assessment that guides you to answer the questions swirling in your head about whether this type of founder life is for you.

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Not convinced? Here’s why the future you envision is on the other side of this quiz...

Your Journey Begins with Insight.

As a launch coach, I believe that every successful business begins with a profound understanding of oneself. Your aspirations, strengths, and willingness to embrace change are the fuel that will propel you forward. This quiz is your mirror, reflecting the clarity and insight you need to navigate where you are now and the path ahead.


Innovation & Adaptability are Key.

In today's dynamic world, embracing innovation and adaptation is not just an option; it's a necessity. This quiz challenges you to assess your openness to change and your comfort with evolution. It's a litmus test for your readiness to explore new horizons, leverage digital tools, and unlock your potential as a product leader.

Get UnStuck.

Your quiz results are delivered with answers on what you can do right now!



You have a Vision. Now Get Prepared.

Product businesses thrive on vision and preparedness. With each question, you'll gauge your willingness to envision a product, understand your target audience, and prepare for the journey ahead. Are you ready to invest time, resources, and creativity into turning your ideas into tangible solutions? Let's find out.


Risk-taking is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship.

The quiz prompts you to consider your comfort level with calculated risks and your willingness to persist. It's a reminder that every success story is shaped by the courage to face challenges head-on. You might be more ready than you think. 


So You Take the Quiz, Then What? 

In any case, your results come with an insights break down of what you can do RIGHT NOW to start, continue or accelerate your journey. 

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